Deli Meat & Cheese

Our Meat & Cheese comes from the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country. We offer a full line of premium Troyer deli and retail cheese and meats. Troyer Specializes in quality and mostly sells to family owned businesses because they are family owned. Come try the Troyer Brand and taste the difference.

Rich in Tradition, Rich in Taste

Our Cheese is made from milk straight from the Amish Farms in Ohio. A little more about the man who started it all:

~~Jonas Troyer was raised as an Amish boy in Holmes County, Ohio. At age 20, he fell in love with a lovely English girl who at the time was attending nursing school. In 1959, he bought a station wagon and begin delivering cheese made from local cheese manufacturers. The local mechanics questioned why they had to keep replacing the lock on his trunk of that station wagon, and it was because of all the cheese that he sold.~~